2008-12-22 10:45:19 by Kl1054

I haven't been making songs lately but I have made a few loops. I'm going to upload them now.

The loops I have made are..
- Coldplay - Clocks (remix)
- Cold Smoke


2008-06-15 11:30:09 by Kl1054

I'm going to China! Yay!

But this means that I will be cut off from internet, NewGrounds, YouTube, or whatever the crap.

For one and a half month.

I'm leaving for China on June 18th, 2008 (Wednesday) and I will be coming back a month and a half later. So I'm gonna have to stop making songs for that short period of time =(

Lol so take care everyone, while I'm in China... so see you later!


2008-05-12 19:18:38 by Kl1054

CRAP! I always have these awesome song ideas and melodies right in my head, but once I open FL Studio I either forget the tune, I screw up on making it, or chage the song completely. The only song that went successful in this tune development and reality process was "Alone".

AWESOME tunes... but I always screw up in making them! Gah! This is annoying. I hope my next one goes well... =/

I'm bored

2008-04-03 15:23:28 by Kl1054

I'm really bored... does anyone have a suggestion of what to do when you are extremely bored with nothing to do?

Improving my FL Studio songs

2008-03-29 11:47:53 by Kl1054

Hey guys:

I just wanna know... if you guys are listening to my FL Studio songs... what can I improve on? Ex. sections of the song, melody variety, etc. Tell me what you think and what I should improve. Sometimes, critisim can be good... just don't go crazy with it.

Thanks all,
Kevin Lin "DJ KlickIn"

Manipulating FL Studio

2008-03-27 19:09:02 by Kl1054

Hey everyone:

I was wondering... with FL Studio, what are some cool things you could do in FL Studio that wouldn't really be considered "standard"? What I mean is, how can you manipulate FL Studio to release some great cool features? I know of mixer effects (which come in handy), but what other neato stuff is there?