2008-06-15 11:30:09 by Kl1054

I'm going to China! Yay!

But this means that I will be cut off from internet, NewGrounds, YouTube, or whatever the crap.

For one and a half month.

I'm leaving for China on June 18th, 2008 (Wednesday) and I will be coming back a month and a half later. So I'm gonna have to stop making songs for that short period of time =(

Lol so take care everyone, while I'm in China... so see you later!


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2008-06-15 13:05:02

China has internet.

And, have a good time, what cities are you going to?

Kl1054 responds:

yes, i know china has internet... it's just that my folks back there don't have internet serivce.